I made this thing 2 years ago to keep friends up to date, since we were all going our separate ways doing different things in life.  But, I kind of haven’t been using it.  A LOT of things have changed since (my art & life in general). I guess using tumblr is a lot easier, so I’ve been using that for a long while x:.  Plus, it kind of keeps me from rambling.

I did like how I got the most random traffic and comments here though.  I went and “got rid of” a lot of posts ’cause they were silly & I guess I’ve kind of grown up a bit.  That and I’m using summer to clean things and set things up.

Maybe I’ll use this again someday? maybe not.  Maybe I will cross post & put important things here?

But, you can find me here:



yet another art dump

…because I should be sleeping, but my sleeping schedule is officially ruined.

Part of a commission. It’s not quite finished, still kinda rough – but then again I kinda am messy period .

Trying to work on one layer,  no blending.

The thing I miss about traditional painting is holding 5 brushes in my hand, with different colors on each, and having the ability to work with all colors simultaneously on a canvas.  I want to get better at digital painting, but I dislike having to use one color at a time – even though I can use its “tints, shades, and tones”.

I also really hate this heat wave. Go away summer.

Insomnia, hands, feet, ro

Life drawing (as usual)-  hand and feet studie(s).

Instead of my usual charcoal, I tried conte, which I’ve never used before.  I bought it last year when I was still in Davis for a lithography class & never got to use it… so why let it go to waste?

My instructor said I drew feet well.  The funny thing is I hate feet (I think I’ve mentioned this a lot ).

Mentioning Davis before – I’m currently taking a *mandatory* class called “Visual Language & culture”.  It may sound dull, but it’s pretty interesting considering how art has changed along with society.  It also could just be because the instrucor, Miah (who I also had for speech, if you remember that far back), just makes the class interesting.

This past week we were discussing “High art” and “low art”.  Fine arts is considered “high” for the most part, and videogames/tv/animation is “low art”.  Hearing that kinda made my stomach churn, and made me feel slightly guilty I gave up a piece of paper that would say “fine arts” for “game art & design”.  In the end, I think it’s fine as long as I’m happy.  My high school AP art teacher even gave me the same advice – “to do what makes you happy”.

Not-class related:

I am starting to miss RO again.  My hourly accounts are actually still running, so I am tempted to play but there’s that thing about no one I know being around lately.

I did a doodle of my High Wizard since Renewal is kind of near, and she’s my only transcendental class that is max leveled (but all my other characters are trans just not maxed).  I will prob fix it and color it sometime. I’m also considering doing RO  comissions on the iROwiki for cash so I can possibly play RO again (and other expenses).

I’m also going to try entering a few contests D: hopefully I don’t fail too bad.

Anywho, it’s now 6 a.m. and I still have yet to sleep.  Insomnia, please go away!

Sailor Jupiter

After bumping into furniture in my room this weekend, I decided it was time to move furniture around and clean it up.  Though it’s still pretty small and cramped for the amount of things I hoard, it’s a lot better (I have a good amount of floor space to work on now).

I’m horrible when cleaning my own room because I get A.D.D. from finding things in my room;  I found my folder where I keep my old Sailor Moon sticker cards.

^This was my first card – my cousin had given it to me. I think I was in the 2nd grade?

I would bring it everywhere to show people, & I’d draw it over and over  As you can see, it’s pretty beat up now. (My attempted sailor moon drawings as a kid were pretty bad btw).

I decided to draw from it again, using it as a ref.

Jupiter isn’t necessarily my favorite Sailor Scout (though I do like some of her characteristics), I just liked her pose out of everyone on the card. I might or might not draw other scouts some time.

Besides that, here are figure drawings.

I also have really bad Insomnia… as it’s now 4 a.m. and I am not tired :/


Figure drawing midterm:

Draw a super hero in an action pose. Use human anatomy. Use materials of your choice.

Photoshop, 6 hours? (Face really annoyed me)

Originally I wasn’t planning to do it on the computer, but my bf suggested I paint in photoshop. I figured I should since I’ve been meaning to do things, except classes don’t usually allow for it.

Would you consider Cassandra (Soul Calibur series) a super hero? I suppose you could consider her one as she is a “good guy” in a sense? (does that even really make sense in a fighting game?).

I was going to do Sailor Moon (lol), but I decided to go with someone in video games (partly ’cause it’s my major).  I was going to do someone from Guilty Gear but I’ve always wanted to draw Cassandra (she’s one of my favs).

I think this is the fastest… digital thing I’ve done + full body.  I also left out a lot of her gear because… I figured the instructor would kinda wanna see the anatomy. “Impressionist” messy, as usual…but I need to work on other midterms due tomorrow. Sigh.


School started this week, and I should be asleep, but I tend to want to draw at night. My first class is Wednesday.  I’m kind of nervous for this quarter

^W.I.P – I didn’t do too much, and I’ll probably change the clothing many times.

Lastly, to another July baby – Happy Birthday Alice.

Birthday wishes

I’m trying my best to draw everyday, and update more. The updates might be less though, because school is starting again. What a short summer :c.

I’ve also been browsing pict-web for very retro-50s-esque illustrators for inspiration (as well as others).  I always wished I lived in the 50s, and maybe 20s, for stylistic & fashion reasons.

Super Squirrel‘s birthday was this weekend, and I made him something. Of course relating to L4D, since he did gift me L4D2.

click to enlarge.

Boomer & Bill with cameo Portal cake & L4D pills.

Originally I wanted to put Bill x Glados but… it wasn’t working for me. Although, I did hate working on Boomer too (all belong to Valve either way).

I think Bill is a pretty badass guy for his age. Hopefully we’ll be as cool when we get older.

Anywho! We turned 21 last year, and I think Waylan does drink now. So, don’t party too hard buddy!

As for me, I am still a kid and enjoy cake and punch for Bithdays.

Now for sleep.